Lower Molar

This patient had lost a lower molar and had a large space. To restore with a bridge would have involved grinding down the adjacent teeth and exposing them to the risk for trauma and root canals. The patient chose to have a metal-free Zirconia implant placed.
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A surgical stent was used to guide the surgery for the placement.


The surgical stent from a different angle, demonstrating the pre-determined angle of penetration for optimal and safe placement of the implant.


The implant after 4 months of healing, ready to be restored.

5-Zirconia-case 3

2 weeks later the full metal-free Zirconia-based crown is ready to be cemented in place, and is being primed.

6-Zirconia case-3

The crown in place.


2 thoughts on “Lower Molar”

  1. Have the same lower molar taken out and deep root cleaning about 3 months ago, Insurance do not cover Implants
    What is the cost out of pocket to replace tooth wlth Metal Free Zirconium Implant ?

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