Lower Molar 4

Lower first molars are the most common teeth to be lost in any person. They are also one of the most important teeth, as far as chewing and holding up the bite is concerned. Today in this day and age there is no reason to avoid or delay replacing these teeth, and even less reason to wear a partial denture or destroy two adjacent teeth to place a bridge. Zirconia implants are and should be the first choice, as you will see in this showcase.

An old crown over a root canaled tooth has fallen off, revealing extensive decay. The tooth was surgically extracted and a graft was placed.

After 5 months of healing, the space is ready to receive an implant. A 3-D scan of he bone is taken to design the placement.

A laser is used to mark the spot and to “punch” a hole in the gums where the implant is going to be placed. A surgical guide will be used as a guideline.

Once the initial hole is made, an X-ray is taken with a zirconia marker to confirm the depth and position, before continuing.

The implant, in this case a one-piece Zirconia implant by Z-Systems, is in position and will heal for the next 3 months. A protective device should be worn over it.

After 3 months, the crown is placed over the implant.