Upper Canine

This patient lost her upper right canine due to internal resorption and received an implant on the same day as the extraction.  Here, 5 months later, the implant is ready to be restored.
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3 Zirconia case 2 Olivia (2)

The shade for the new crown is being determined and customized.

4 Zirconia case 2 Olivia (3)

A laser (Waterlase) is being used to expose the margins of the implant by sculpting  the gums and shaping them prior to taking the impression.

5 Zirconia case 2 Olivia (4)

Two weeks later, a new crown is placed over the implant. This photograph was taken at a year’s follow-up, showing perfect gum adaptation and healthy tissues around the implant.

9 Zirconia case 2 Olivia (10)


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